our breads are made from organic/sustanable stoneground flours. all loaves are naturally leavened using our own culture and thorough fermentation process. other basic ingredients are water & sea salt.

**our crumb has a glossy interior: When you cut into a loaf and it looks super-glistening, super wet and shiny, some people will think it’s underbaked but if pressed, it will be moist or wet to the touch, but it bounces back because the starch is hydrated and gelatinized. It’s fully cooked, it’s just wetter than the normal norm.

below is a sampling of what you may find at THE BAKERY on rotation.


this's our signature everyday table loaf. 100% light sifted stone-ground wheat, with some bran sifted out.

(high extraction wheat,water, culture, sea salt)


clean, crisp notes of wheat with 100% stone-ground whole wheat.

(100% whole wheat,water, culture, sea salt)


our country with added toasted flax, sesame, and sunflower seeds.

(high extraction wheat, sunflower, flaxseed, sesame, water, culture, sea salt)


ancient variety of wheat with mild sweet and nutty taste notes. 

(100% whole spelt, water, culture, sea salt)


blend of whole rye and finely sifted stoneground wheat. softest of all our hearth loaves with fruity taste notes.

(whole rye, unbleached wheat, water, culture, sea salt)


forever changing mix of ancient grains of baker's choice.

(mix of whole ancient grains, unbleached wheat, water, culture, sea salt)


creamy heirloom wheat (pre-modernization wheat)

(100% whole heritage wheat. water, culture, sea salt)


rich, buttery, nutty 100% whole kamut

(100% stone-grund whole khorasan, water, culture, sea salt)


contains anthocyanin (natural purple color) rich sweet and nutty

(30% whole purple wheat, unbleached wheat, water, culture, sea salt)


available on weekends, originally from the small Polish town of Bialystok, bialys rose to fame in NYC. we make our version of the classic using finely sifted stoneground wheat, culture, leek, mushrooms. cheddar, quail egg & herb de provence.


all our buns are naturally leavend with our sourdough culture and made with finely sifted stoneground wheat. below is a sampling of what you may find at THE BAKERY on rotation.

kanelbullar (swedish cinnamon roll) - wed and thurs

kardemummabullar (swedish cinnamon bun) - friday

kolace (brioche bun filled with sweet or savoury fillings) - weekend

salted caramel banana sticky bun - saturday

big 'ol sourdough cinnamon roll - sunday

babka (available on every saturday. our version of babka is chocolate, sultanas and cinnamon spread onto a layer of wild yeasted dough, which was tightly rolled, twisted and folded then baked in a tin)


our pastries are hand-made using organic whole grain pastry flour, whole rye flour and whole spelt flour, whole khorasan flour and fresh seasonal produce. below is a sampling of what you may find at THE BAKERY on rotation.


classic rye almond and hazelnut brownie

classic spelt walnut blondie

rye orange & ginger brownie

rye strawberry balsamic brownie

spelt rhubarb - white chocolate blondie


spelt carrot walnut & currant cake

banana walnut & date tea cake

rye chocolate prune tea cake

spelt lemon sesame tea cake

buttermilk walnut coffee cake



salted dark chocolate rye cookie

miso white chocolate chip wheat cookie

BIG ASS chocolate chip spelt cookie 

ginger date snickerdoodle